Your FTP improvements


Some advice please! I’m think my new FTP figure might be unrealistically high…

I just tested at 300w on the ramp test after SSBILV (I’m 73kg for reference). I also ride 10 miles commute most days.

I was training at 265w (from December 2018 ramp test). The December test was following 3 months completely off the bike due to a broken collar bone.

My highest previous FTP was 275w back in February 2018 (8 min test). Between February/Mach and September I only trained outside, riding and racing at my local velodrome. I was fairly competitive for my category, and came 2nd overall in the local league (I was in the equivalent of UK Cat3/4 - so the lowest). I didn’t do an FTP test at all during this time, but my fitness definitely improved over the season and I was the fastest I’ve ever been in September.

Is it possible that I was hitting over 300w in September, and I’ve just bounced back following the 3 months of detraining?

The other possibility is my trainer. It’s an Elite Muin Turbo II which is known for losing accuracy at higher watts. I have tried to calibrated it based on the torque setting of the belt but never compared to another PM. I don’t really have access to a PM to do this.

Should I try my next workout at this new FTP or set to (what I think) is a more realistic of 280ish


@JamesFarndon I think you should try the new FTP and see how it goes . Sometimes it is better to do a few workouts and if you can’t finish any of them without altering the intensity i would lower your FTP .


And if your trainer measure the power a little bit of, he will do that in every case you will hit this big numbers. So maybe, but I think not, your FTP is measured to high compared to an accurate power meter, but that doesn’t matter because when you hit this power again in an interval, your trainer will give you every time the same number.

A few years a go I had a cheap trainer with a power meter built in. When I bought then a pedal base power meter, I realised that my trainer 5% off. But this doesn’t matter because it was on every training ride the same amount off and don’t had an impact on my training.


Started a Base, Build, Speciality cycle back at the start of November 2018. I focused on weight loss for the base phase till 2 weeks before my first race event which coincided with the end of SSB2 a week ago.

11/6/2018 - SSB1MV Start - 224FTP - 181.4lbs 20.2%BF- 2.72w/Kg
12/25/2018 - SSB2MV Start - 230FTP - 2.7% Gain, - 169.2lbs 16.6% BF (12.2lbs lost) - 3.0w/Kg
2/26/2019 - SPBuild MV Start - 240FTP - 4.35% Gain - 162.5lbs 14.6%BF ( Another 6.7lbs lost, 18.9lbs total) - 3.27w/Kg

I knew the gains would be very little between base phases due to the weight loss, but was happy to see any gain at all. Now moving into build phase I’ll focus on fueling workouts and worry less about the scale because I dont want anything to slow down the FTP gains from here.


Just finished Triathlon Sprint low volume Build phase.

previous ftp at end of base phase

  • 192w

current ftp at end of build phase

was sick for a whole week of key (vo2 and sweet spot) workouts and did the ftp test mostly fasted and in the morning (whereas i usually do it in the evening where i’m usually more focused) and supposedly i snored a whole lot and woke up super congested so not the best recovery
so considering all that, i’m happy about the small increase

now i’ve got to dial in the diet to lose weight while at least maintaining ftp.


Age 63. Been cycling for about 5 years doing sportives of up to 100 miles but would really like to improve my times before I get too old!

Started TR structured training for the first time in January 19 after recommendation from a friend.
Using virtual power on non smart Elite trainer
First FTP 188
Just finished doing ssb low volume 1
2nd FTP test today of 201 so reasonable improvement
About to start ssblv2 and hoping to continue the steady progress before doing sustained power build perhaps medium volume if I can manage it.

I’m really hoping I’ll notice a marked improvement once I start outdoors again!

A newbie question - what would be a reasonable maximum FTP score one might expect based on age?


Well, after feeling super confident throughout base, got up today feeling really insecure about whether my FTP had improved. Did Lamarck (4x10 @ 100%) which to me seemed a lot more reasonable than the ramp test, in which I always seem to break early, or a traditional 20min test. Fortunately I survived and did the intervals at 295w. So, for this season:

pre SSB1HV - 275w 3.9w/kg
pre SSB2HV - 285w 4.0w/kg
pre build - 295w 4.2w/kg

Thanks @chad @nate @jonathan and everyone at TR!


29/11/2018 - 188w : Start of 5 weeks traditional base after 4 months off with a broken back
06/01/2019 - 248w : Start of SSB I MV
30/01/2019 - 243w : Mid SSB I , new trainer so had to retest
26/02/2019 - 259w : Start SSB II MV

Hoped for a 3-5% increase but got close to 7, so I’m happy.
Time to dig in for another 6 weeks and see what happens. :grin:


I had a ramp test schedule for week five of sustained, but my asthma crept in over the weekend. Did taku and maybe test tomorrow and do some more endurance after.


Support has finally agreed to replace the trainer today. We’ll see what happens with the new trainer. The weather here is still not great, so an outside test is still in wait for now


I’ve been mountain biking for 5 years once a week or so and started TR in December.

Start - 208w
SSB1LV - 225w
SSB2LV - 236w

3.3w/kg currently and excited for further gains.


up 8% from SSB2, got in 4 solid weeks before getting sick. week 5 was a mess, I did finish lamarck without much fuss tho. Happy with the results and ready for my first Build Phase!!! :smile:


2018 Base versus 2019 Base


Nice work…Let’s see that Y axis!



Dec 2018 - 265
Feb 2019 - 286

This is after Sustained Power Build - mid vol. 8% increase with what I would estimate is an 85% compliance. I’m beginning XC mid vol this week and looking forward to seeing what short VO2 max intervals will do to my FTP.

I test using the 2x8 min format.


One more thing to note, virtual is virtual: There is no guarantee that the numbers match up on an absolute scale. The whole point of this power based training is that it is a match for you, and where you are at, so the numbers are really only a reference point with yourself. Carry on, and the numbers will go up over time, they always do with consistent training, especially when you first start out.


I was intrigued by this so I generated this test profile (using 92% in the first phase) assuming my most recent ramp test gave a good FTP and tossed them both into Golden Cheetah for comparison. My gradual ramp was really gradual with 120% at 10 minutes and 130% at 15 minutes.

Using the TP Baseline test and going +10 minutes and 120% gives a average ride power of 214. The average ride power is what is used to calculate the FTP in this method. My actual TR ramp test had a 1-minute power of 284 and a resulting FTP of 213. If you can extend the base test protocol to 130% the average power would jump to 221. Note that 284/213 = 133%.

My conclusion from this is that once again @Nate and the TR crew have made things a simple as possible while achieving maximum effectiveness.


Used to be a running back in college @85 kg. Athletic stuff ended with a knee and ankle injury. Was a sedentary 32 yo couch potato when I started TR.

FTP progress
January 2018 - 225w @ 88kg
January 2019 - 315w @ 76kg (as measured per ramp test. My actual best 1h normalized power is 312w. Fairly close)

As for people wondering about progress in form of FTP, I feel the most tangible gain I got of TR is endurance. At first, my best 5-8 min power was 256w. Now, my best 2h30 (150 min) ride has a NP of 271w. Holding the same power for nearly 30 times longer than when I started.

Can’T thank TR enough for the product they offer. I don’t really understand why it works or how… but it does !

sorry for bad english.


I’ve been thinking about this recently, mostly because of a good number of heavy science topics on the forum, and I think for almost all of us it doesn’t matter if we really understand why/how it work, just that it does.

Almost all TR would be served well by riding more, riding harder, and resting more, first and foremost.

None of us are in the realm of needing to eek out marginal physiological gains because we’ve exhausted our genetic potential. Yes, we can train more intelligently, but until you’ve topped out on the easy big block stuff, I wouldn’t worry too much about the granular.

If you really want to know, there’s a recent podcast which goes into a bit of detail what happens to your body when your FTP increases.


Done with ssb1hv now, retested after the recovery week and ahead of ssb2hv with a result of 300W. So during ssb1hv I went from 250 to 300W ftp. Pleased with the progress and very interested how close I can get to my 340W ftp from 4years ago before summer hits…
Looking forward to some hard work after this recovery week.
Oh and I unintentionally lost 2kg in the process.