Your FTP improvements


You’re doing it right. Kudos, kudos.

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Feb 2018 - 220W Zwift 20min test with virtual power
July 2018 - 277W - Ramp test with Kickr snap as power meter after some training and racing
Jan 2019 - 246W - Start of SSB1LV - Ramp test with Stages L meter
March 2019 - 261W - Start of SSB2LV - Ramp test with Stages L meter
Weight has been around 81-82kg for a while now.

Meh I was hoping for a bit more of an increase than that but onto the next round!

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Just finished the first half of SPBMV2 and quite enjoyed the recovery week… Went away for the weekend so I crammed all of the scheduled rides into a five day span… then proceeded to drink more alcohol over the weekend that I did all of last year… Tried the scheduled ramp test but failed… Well I peaked at the same interval as I did at the start of the phase… I chaulked it up to being tired and dehydrated (legs cramped up and felt cramped all day thereafter)…

Not sure if I’m retry tomorrow or wait another day before resuming the plan/phase.


My History: 2,5w/kg -> 4,5w/kg

April 24, 2019 - 351 @ 78 kg (time to try and lose some KG’s try to hit 75 with same power)

Mar, 2019 - 342 @ 77 kg

Jan 11, 2019 - 338

Jan 6, 2019 - 332

Sep 1, 2018 - 325

Jul, 2018 - 320 @ 76 kg

Apr 19, 2018 - 291

Apr 11, 2018 - 256

October, 2017 - < 240 @ 93kg


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Completed Short Power Build MV: 249 W / 3.64 W/kg

This is about where I expected to be and I’m happy with it. The VO2 max efforts during the second half of SPB were really challenging. On to Crit Specialty with even more VO2 max.

I think I’ve read that I shouldn’t expect an FTP bump after the specialty phase. Is that what y’all have experienced?


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Went ahead and gave the ramp test another go and finished with the same ftp… Although I really felt like there should have been some increase, whether small or ‘large’, I felt much stronger stronger after the first half of Short Power Build phase… Maybe this confirms that maybe I didnt increase any… I dont quite feel fully rested after this past weekend but dont want to keep holding up the second half of the phase. Looking forward to re-testing in a few weeks.


I just finished my 3rd FTP test of my season and I’m super stoked to have pushed my FTP to 209 watts. My weight has stayed pretty consistent at 61 kg.

Start of SSB low volume I at 164.

Start of SSB low volume II at 186.

Start of General Build low volume at 209 (today).

I’m pretty new to structured training and cycling in general but I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with Trainerroad and super stoked on the gains so far! Thanks to the entire TR team!


Update to my FTP progression. I performed, “Junction” today and had some extra time in the evening and decided to skip the rest week and knock out the Ramp Test. About 5 minutes in I was feeling tired and was regretting the test but pushed through and picked up a could more watts.

11/28/18 - 250 - Start of SSBMV1
12/08/18 - 294 - During SSBMV1
01/01/19 - 301 - Start of SSBMV2
2/11/19 - 305 - Start of GBMV
3/05/19 - 309 - During GBMV

My first race since using TR is this weekend. RR and TT on Saturday and Crit on Sunday. Fingers crossed that the numbers don’t lie!



I tested my FTP about 10 weeks ago using the 2 x 8min test at 278 watts.

I also did the ramp test at roughly the same time and this came out at 301 watts.

I then manually set my FTP back to 278 and did most of my workouts (an extended SSB 1) at this figure.

I am just about to start SSB 2 low volume. (This is so I can also do some social/outdoor rides at the weekend with friends).

Yesterday I did a new ramp test and that came out at 323 watts.

I think I will manually scale this back to 308 watts. I don’t quite fancy jumping from 278 to 323.

I get the feeling that I can put out a slightly false high reading doing a ramp test.

I hope going with 308 watts FTP won’t mess things up.

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Tested this morning, but my head was not in the game. It is amazing how much of the Ramp Test is mental, sure it is a physical test, but if you are not 100% committed mentally you really struggle…

23/09/2018 - FTP 263 @ 99.5kg = 2.64 w/kg
06/11/2018 - FTP 274 @ 97.5kg = 2.81 w/kg
14/12/2018 - FTP 290 @ 92.9kg = 3.12 w/kg
15/01/2019 - FTP 270 @ 95.8kg = 2.82 w/kg
05/02/2019 - FTP 305 @ 94.0kg = 3.24 w/kg
06/03/2019 - FTP 277 @ 92.8kg = 2.98 w/kg

I decided to keep my FTP at my previous test level (305) as I feel this test was an anomaly, and I will retest in a few weeks when I am done with General Build. At least the weight is coming down slowly. So I am now at 305w @ 92.8kg = 3.29 w/kg.

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It’s probably better to finish/complete most of your workouts with one FTP than have a higher FTP and fail more than 1. Because there’s a progression in the plans, your first 1-2 weeks won’t be so tough, but then the fatigue will set in while the IF of the workouts go up. If you are either barely finishing the workouts in the last week, digging deep to finish or needing a slight modification you’re probably at the perfect setting of just hard enough.

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I am not sure this blanket statement applies. For me its quite the opposite. While doing GBMV, the first Build week always seems to be the hardest in the plans when you have a decent raise in FTP. Your Threshold suddenly becomes your SS and the Build plans seem to test you pretty hard week 1. In week 7 of GBMV I found that I actually had settled into my new FTP and “considered” raising the intensity of workouts. My resting HR actually backed that up as it dropped from weeks 5 and 6 going through week 7 of Build.

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good point, not everyone responds the same. I think the spirit of the plan is as I said, but there will be individual differences in how quickly your body adapts.

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This depends lot on how well trained you are when going into these plans as well.

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I’m with you!


Got it, I need to ride more and rest more:upside_down_face:


My n=1

Start: Male, 29, 162 lbs, 195, 2.65 w/kg
Current: Male, 31. 148 lbs, 295, 4.39 w/kg
Goal: 5 w/kg

I ran track and played soccer in high school and then switched sports to drinking in college. I road biked a bit for fun after school and then started getting back into things about 5 years ago. In 2017 I got into tri and did my first Ironman. I picked up TR in 2018 after being exposed to their podcasts.

In short TR has pushed me to places I never thought I could go mentally and I have their training plans to thank for where I am at today. They help me organize my overall season and daily sessions. 5/5 stars.


A nice improvement from 163FTP 4 weeks ago to 213FTP yesterday.
I fractured my hip in a cycling accident 22 dec,4 screws and a titanium plate added to my hip, had 6 weeks off the bike with no pressure allowed on my leg. As you can imagine I lost all my fitness… was closing in on 300FTP.
4 weeks into SSB Mid and hope to be in the 250 area when summer starts in a month or two.


Fourth test done !

20/10/2018 - 191
19/11/2018 - 205 (a bit undervalued I think - I was sick)
05/01/2019 - 246
10/03/2019 - 267 (I feel like I could have done a bit more)

Thank you TR guys for excellent job ! I’m still amazed how well I progress.

I’ve just finished the Full Trhiathlon Base, Mid Volume and I’m so happy with those results :slight_smile: At this pace, I will be above 280 for my Ironman !

Note - after last FTP jump, I couldn’t really complete workouts - so what I did is to set it manually to 220 then I added increased 5 by 5 when I felt it was doable - this worked very well and was actually quick. I probably will do the same thing now, as in March I’m focusing hard on swimming. I don’t want to push too hard on all fronts.