Your FTP improvements


Sep. 22 - 2018, FTP 290w

Couple of months off due to an operation.

Nov. 30 - 2018, FTP 231w
Dec, 10 - 2018, FTP 238w
Dec, 29 - 2018, FTP 245w
Jan, 22 - 2019, FTP 260w
Mar, 5 - 2019, FTP 280w

So, almost back where i left off. Its been a tough road, and i hope the progress have made me stronger, and the base are there to see futher gains.


Got PM 7 weeks ago and moved to TT bike:

225W 3.32w/kg week 2 of Half distance mid volume base
240W 3.52w/kg start of HD MV Build
**accidentally shifted up 3 gears and had to push back up. Ugh. I’ll adjust as the workouts roll on.


Doing my Ramp test tomorrow. Fingers crossed I am where I left off after being a little sick and getting a week back on the bike.


@therianstrauss, You are, just make it to 19:30 on the ramp test :grinning:, easy day.


Just finished my ramp test at the end of SSBMV2. Lost 30lbs and gained 32w during base. Pleased with my gains so far.

12/18/18 - FTP 238w @ 2.14 w/kg
01/30/19 - FTP 248w @ 2.38 w/kg
03/11/19 - FTP 270w @ 2.73 w/kg


1/11/19 - FTP 204w @ 2.11 w/kg
2/13/19 - FTP 225w @ 2.38 w/kg
3/11/19 - FTP 240w @ 2.53 w/kg

I’ve lost about 5 pounds during this time. I’m hoping to lose another 10 pounds by summer, but not a primary goal.


Thanks! I sadly am just a little bit slow still so will have a few more days at reduced ride % then will hit it hard come the weekend. Five weeks out from my first race of the season so mostly I need to make sure I am all healed up and don’t carry the illness into race season.


In the middle of general build LV (with added baxter-2). Given It’s taken me 5 weeks to do the first four weeks of the plan and my general life fatigue™ levels this isnt terribly surprising right now.



As a 29 year old who took up drinking as a hobby from university, this is a nice success story for me to aim for. I don’t have the high school athletics background, but I took up weights and running in my early 20s - if I can be anywhere near 4.4w/kg in 2 years I’ll be a very happy bunny!


Thanks Man. Diet was the biggest part and is still the most difficult to control.

I think that it pays back 2 fold. You lose weight and increase your ability to train at the same time!

Also, don’t be fooled. I am off the deep end with this stuff. When I wake up I plan my entire day from food (how many calories, when, what type) to work (do I do yoga before or after the morning call?) vs the expected exercise for the day. It can be tiring at times, and is a drain on social life to those who don’t exercise everyday, but I enjoy the process and all the mini goals along the way.

I have a buddy who came from weights and running. He is just flew past 4.0! Good luck on your journey!


After a really crummy year last year I buckled down, stuck to training plans and hired a nutritionist at the end of November with results I couldn’t have dreamed of having. Still seeing gains obviously not as high as what I did in the beginning but it has been pretty great to see the difference. I can’t wait to get out on the road and see what the difference is being down 26# and having a 33% higher FTP than I did at the end of last year.

October 10, 2018: SweetSpot Base Mid Volume I
Weight 187lbs/84.8kg
FTP 245
W/KG 2.89

December 18, 2018: SweetSpot Base Mid Volume II
Weight 176lbs/79.83kg
FTP 272
W/KG 3.41

January 22, 2019: Sustained Power Build Mid Volume
Weight 168lbs/76.2kg
FTP 315
W/KG 4.13

March 5, 2019: Rolling Road Race Mid Volume
Weight 161lbs/73kg
FTP 327
W/KG 4.48


Oh, I like this. Imma steal the idea :slight_smile:

Nice gains too!


The excel file? You are welcome to the file if you want it.


Can you post it? That would be awesome to track!


@marcxlanglois That’s freakin’ awesome! Congrats and great work




@marcxlanglois In addition to hard work seems like recovery is everything, sleep is sleep any big “takeaways” from the nutritionist?


That was one of the first things she said is “hey you suck at sleeping” I started forcing myself at least 7 hours a night and in most cases a minimum of 8 and it has helped me so much. I used to sleep 4.5-6 hours a night and it just wasn’t cutting it.


This link should work. I hope!


Thank you! Yes, it worked.