Your FTP improvements


Totally at a loss. I’ve been a TR user for over three years now, albeit only really using it properly from October through March. Have stuck almost rigidly to a structured plan (SSB, general build and now on to a CX specialty) yet my FTP has gone up only 9W in all that time (245W to 254W). Just demoralising considering the effort and consistency that I have put in. Is there anyone else who has had disappointing results like this, in spite of good discipline?


I should add that this 9W gain is from October 18 to today.


What setup are you using?


Hi, I am using a tacx flux smart trainer although it does over-read by 25w compared to my stages pm. I have been doing the ramp test using both devices but tend to refer to the stages as that’s what I use in the real world. Regardless, the two consistently show a variance of ~25w but I tend to err on the side of caution and use the lower stages value.


I’ve posted previously in this thread.

I started TrainerRoad in November 2018 and I’m currently training for a century ride with 1800 m climbing in July, on a background of previously playing squash semi competitively and more recently snapping my quadriceps tendon in November 2017.

In November 2018 I tested at 250 watts via ramp test, however in retrospect I spent the last two minutes out of the saddle.

In December I tested at 207 watts at 121 kg weight (1.7w/kg).

February 6th 2019 I tested at 235 watts at 112 kg weight (2.09 w/kg).

I had a repeat FTP (ramp) test today and tested at 303 watts at 114 kg weight (2.66 w/kg). To me this is a VERY big jump in FTP, especially given that I had to skip a week of build phase (Sustained power build LV) due to aggravating an injury. However, saying that my most recent workout was galena +1 and i completed the last 20 minute work interval at 283 watts (prescribed power was 223 watts).

I’ll see how I get on with Washington +4 on Thursday…


Over the moon this week as FTP went from 175 to 195. Had to have 3 months off at end of last year so thrilled as usually I’d only see a jump of 5w or so every test and only started again in January.


Dec 19 2018 FTP 176
General Build MV 4 weeks
Jan 16 2019 FTP 196
General Build MV 2nd 4 weeks
Feb 12 2019 FTP 210
Short power build MV 4 weeks
March 12 2019 FTP217
Short power build MV 2nd 4 weeks
April 9 2019 FTP TBD!!


New trainer came in from Wahoo. Did ten minute 100 watt session to warm up trainer and ran a calibration. Ran Factory calibration and finally TR calibration. Ramp test tonight was 177. It is basically halved. For my age (37) and that I started really riding almost a year ago, on top of smoking for years and bad eating habits, this seems more reasonable. I have three weeks of crit left, my first B race, and then back to SSB to hunt for 200.

9/24 208 (did wrong) Trainer was wrong
9/25 258 Trainer was wrong
11/5 320 Trainer was wrong
12/17 358 Trainer was wrong
1/14 366 Trainer was wrong
2/11 355 Trainer was wrong
3/12 177 New trainer from manufacturer

Ftp/kg 2.92


@Shumdez Seems perfectly reasonable and almost 3w/kg is still nothing to scoff at.

That being said screw Wahoo and their dodgy quality control.


How did you manage to get to where you are today? Im in a pretty familiar spot - where i weightin 80kgs. I cant seem to figure out to lose weight… Some weeks it goes down to 79ish, but then it just get to 80 again. I have fat to lose, no doubt about it. Im 1.80cm myself… FTP wise we’re close to eachother - at least in terms of where i am in my structured plan.

Just finished SBMV2 with a 280FTP - starting from 245 in VOL 1, as you. Im also doing sustrained now, and im in my second week. Thats a MASSIVE gain you got from build vol 1… kuddos!



  1. which volume are you doing? It may not be enough for you.

  2. what are you doing the remainder of the year. If you aren’t stressing the body properly then any gains you make during the winter may be lost.

  3. make sure you absolutely bury yourself in the ramp test. As you are doing CX the ramp should probably suit you.


Yeah the thing that bums me out the most is now I can’t really know what my progression was. I know I can’t trust the old numbers, so I have to start from this mid point.

As far as Wahoo is concerned. I’m bummed for them that they can’t figure these issues out and solve their problems. Hopefully this trainer has no other issues. Fingers crossed


Hi brenph,

I have been doing the mid volume plans with a bit extra, so notching up typically 550 (+/- 100) TSS points per week.

I probably accumulate a bit more TSS in the rest of year through TT, MTB and commuting to work.

I think my problem may be that do progress I need to do significantly more work. Also, I’m 43 so probably hitting a ceiling with what I can achieve both in terms of lifestyle and training load. So that’s just something I’ll have to live with I guess. I’m around 4w/kg though so can’t expect too much more.




Right. I didn’t notice that you were at 4w/kg. Nice place to be!

Are you just doing the same plans over and over? Some variety might be nice. Try to maintain structure year round. There’s every chance you are giving up gains when you get off the trainer. 550TSS per week is a lot! I can’t imagine that being maintenance TSS for anyone.


Hi, thanks for your thoughts brenph, much appreciated.

I have traditionally opted to do the more steady state plans to optimise my TT racing but this year I have taken a new approach, focusing more on off-road, hence the CX specialty plan. I need to work on my short power numbers as I’ve reached a bit of a plateau with the TT, having raced TT every season for the last eight years. Looking forward to the variety!




Impressive gains…

I completed SSBMV1 with almost 100% compliance but only gained 9 watts… I was expecting a huge gain but wasn’t completely disappointed with the 5% gain.

Skipped SSBMV2 and went straight to SustPBMV… Halfway through, again with roughly 100% compliance, and measured no change in FTP regardless of feeling ‘stronger’. Though not sure if this was due to a long weekend of heavy drinking.

Hoping that was the case and I’ll see in two weeks when I’m done. I’d be stoked to get anywhere near your gains.

NOTE: when I say compliant I mean I have not missed a workout nor have a I adjusted (down) any of the workouts in order to complete. On one or two occasions life may have gotten in the way and I may have been forced to cut a workout short by 10-15 minutes.


I start using TrainerRoad just over two years ago. My first FTP (8 minute test) was 315 (Wahoo Kickr Snap PM).

I’m currently operating at an FTP of 365 (Stages PM - Powermatch). I have to admit that I rarely formally test; however, I completed Fang Mountain +3 today at an FTP 365 without any backpedal breaks or reductions in workout intensity, so I think 365 is close enough.

So the fact that I first tested on a different PM makes the comparison a little difficult, especially since I’m not confident in the Wahoo Kickr Snap power accuracy and consistency.

My weigh has fluctuated around 190 +/- 5lbs over the two years.

I have to admit I have been able to train a lot over the past 9 months. I got laid off from my job (with decent severance) and now I’m working as an independent consultant. Unemployment and working from home has its fitness benefits!


Started cycling in 2015. Bought both a Stages & Tacx Vortex (which over read by 15% compared to my Stages) and subscribed to Zwift.

Zwift 20 minute tests on the Tacx Vortex adjusted downward by 15%
Nov 2015: 51w (first ever FTP test)
Dec 2015: 85w Zwift’s 6 week FTP builder
Dec 2015: 111w Zwift’s 6 week FTP builder
Jan 2016: 126w Zwift’s 6 week FTP builder
Feb 2016: 153w Zwift’s 6 week FTP builder
Sep 2016: 164w
Nov 2016: 179w
Mar 2017: 179w *Zwift’s 10-12wk FTP Builder (abandoned after a few weeks)
Jun 2017: 204w

Switched to my Stages PM:
Jun 2017: 205w
Jan 2019: 199w

TR’s Ramp test with Stages PM:
Feb 2019: 195w (sick with cold) About to start SSB LV1

Speed outdoors correlates quite strongly with my FTP tests. Started at about 13mph. Advanced to 16mph, at my fastest I have been 18mph but overall seem to have plateaued at 16.5mph for the last 2 years.

Very much looking forward to experiencing the effects of TR’s plan.


10/16/18 - 239 W - Start of SSBMV1
11/27/18 - 246 W - Start of SSBMV2
01/15/19 - 262 W - Start of Sustained PB MV
01/16/19 - 258 W - Start of Sustained PB MV #2 (retest to switch from Kickr 17 to Neo 2)
02/12/19 - 264 W - Half way through Sustained PB MV
03/12/19 - 271 W - End of Sustained PB MV

The gains are getting harder to come by, but still my unders are at higher watts than my overs from 3 months ago, and at the same time they hurt less. Kinda cool.

I made it through base and build without any breaks. So this week my Roadmachine is in the shop getting its non-series hydraulics switched over to r9120, and I’m getting a much needed few days off the bike. Century speciality starts Tuesday!


This will be my 3rd proper year of using TR and I thought I would share my results.

March 7th, 2016: 295 / 220lbs
January 2nd, 2017: 266 / 215lbs
February 17th, 2017: 290 / 210lbs
April 15th, 2017: 325 / 205lbs
July 21st, 2017: 342 / 205lbs
March 30th, 2018: 332 / 205lbs
April 11th, 2018: 347 / 200lbs
April 23rd, 2018: 362 / 200lbs
February 19th, 2019: 335 / 195lbs
March 14th, 2019: 341 / 195lbs

I’ve always stuck with sweet spot base mid volume for 6 weeks, and then I jump into the criterium mid volume plan. This takes me in to race season, which starts in May. This year my FTP is a little higher earlier on, so I’m hoping to be up around 370 come May. I have two more weeks of mid volume sweet spot before I start the criterium plan.