Your FTP improvements


I started TR in DEC 2018 FTP 180W
Completed SSB1 Mid Vol - FTP 194W (+7.7%) END JAN 2019
Completed SSB2 Mid Vol - FTP 222W (14.4%) MAR 2019 I missed a whole week of training due to illness, too
Now entering SPB Mid Vol, and am hopeful I hit my stretch target of 250W by MAY 2019 (+12.6%) (3.75 W/kg) I didn’t think I’d hit 4.0 W/kg this year, but I feel it could be in sight.


Just finished SSB1MV and gained about a 10% increase in FTP. (230 this week vs. 204 6 wks. ago). Prior to starting the first block, I’d been off the bike since Nov. ‘18, so I am happy with the results. This is the first time I’ve ever done such structured based training in my not so illustrious racing career of 15 years (master 50+). My goal is to get closer to 275 FT P for my mid-summer “A” races, which I realize is a pretty ambitious goal. This will put me closer to 4 watts/kg which I think should make me a lot more competitive this season.


So… maybe this deserves it’s own thread… but maybe not.

During my last ramp test (scroll up) I actually recorded my flux using trainer road and my power2max with my Garmin. All my indoor training has been undertaken using my flux as the only power source as my PM lives on the bike that is intended for outdoors (usually).

So… I end up with this interesting graph of the two (3 or 5 second smoothed).

As I snipped out the labels… flux in red, p2m in blue. Watts on the Y axis, time on the X.

So from this (n=1) graph we see that the flux significantly over reads at low powers and ignores spikes. The ignoring spikes makes sense… however the under reading is curious as has got me thinking.

From my graph it appears the power readings intersect around 270w so a ramp test appears to “accurately” set my ftp. However when we drop back down sub 200w for sweet spot suddenly the discrepancy means Im actually working a zone lower than I expect to be?

For a long time I have been assuming I was simply a poor responder to training. Is it at least plausible (based on a single data point!) to think that maybe a lot of my issue was inadequate stress? I will be collecting more data on this over the next few weeks… but interesting none the less.


What gearing were you in?


Variable. I’ve always found flux more stable by giving it more gears. It hits power ceilings and floors too easily and goes unstable very fast.


Based on that graph, we are probably looking at around 5-7w difference at 200w? That’s not really anything that is worth being concerned about. It’s a bit over the usual 2% variance, but not by much.

Also, if you have used the Flux for FTP tests and for TR, you’d have a consistent baseline.

If you feel like you are a poor responder, I’d recommend reading this article:


At 200W flux indicated its 5-10% which has been said on the podcast multiple times can be the difference between a threshold and a sweet spot workout. Its similar at 230w flux indicated which would be threshold.

I have been working on adding training volume and am certainly aware of life stress and time constraint issues too.


I’m not seeing 5-10%, so maybe if you can post the actual power files that would be better.

Assuming red = Flux and blue = P2M it looks like Flux at 200w and P2m at around 192-195w

Depending on gearing for the older Flux, if you are in a high speed gear for lower wattages, it’s going to have a hard time holding that.


@spots would you mind sharing your process for the weight loss?


Good old-fashioned calorie counting with MyFitnessPal and a lot of willpower. I was a little less strict with calories on workout days but I also ignored calories burned from workouts.


Thanks. That’s remarkable progress. Congrats. I am doing something similar to your approach.


It works. It’s not glamorous or detailed and I don’t really worry about macros and stuff. I just stay honest and keep the calories below the allowed amount.


Only been riding with power for around 6months, took a FTP test, albeit on Zwift, in November towards the beginning of a ‘TT Tune Up’ plan on there. Then moved to TR in February to test it out (and I’m liking it so far) and took an FTP ramp test on here to begin a TT build phase plan.

Nov 2018: 319w

Feb 2019: 340w

Appreciate this isn’t comparing eggs with eggs, 20min test vs ramp test, but I’ll report back in a couple of weeks as another ramp test is due then.


Wow, that’s amazing. As someone who is starting where you started, it’s very encouraging.


I have to say that consistency is key. Riding the prescribed workouts, proper nutrition and matching the intensity to intent of the workout is key, in my experience.


Ok… So I’ve dived (dove?) a bit deeper and my numbers feelings were a little bit out. It’s probably close enough on average that it doesnt matter as much as I first thought/feared. Considering the rated accuracy of the trainer and power meter most of this is just in tolerance stack up area really.

Thanks for your input. I’ve downloaded the two papers mentioned in the link you shared earlier and will read them tomorrow.


Just finished sweet spot base low volume 1, and despite the last couple weeks having to use between 103% and 105% of the workouts only gained 4 watts.

Have had to cut the 90min sessions to 60 mins often but have been riding outside too.

Bit disappointed but I’ve my first race in 2 weeks so will do sweet spot and test again post race.

Fingers crossed.


Went from 292 on a tacx vortex to 256 on a wahoo kickr core. I did three weeks on a build program on the core and retested today. Today I went from 256 to 276. It was not time for a test but today is my last day to ride before surgery in the morning. Im also fighting the end of a sinus cold. Over all I am happy but wish I would have held on for 2 more minutes.


Mt FTP only went up slightly at the end of SSB LV I.

However, I am pretty certain that my ability to ride at a high %age of FTP for a long time improved throughout the plan, but that’s not something that the ramp test captures, as far as I can tell.


That’s what I thought (hoped), cos I am definitely faster point a to b but not showing in my tests.