Your FTP improvements


Impressive increase from 143watts to 255wattd… Even more impressive going from 110kg to 83kg. Great work mate


Many (most?) of the TR plans in build and specialty phases do include VO2 work. Are you suggesting more VO2 than what the plans prescribe?


Really interesting to see everyones results. I have set myself a 300 watt challenge by end Jan, but it seems a long way away!
What is interesting is the impact of the different sessions. I was riding a lot up to August 2017 before a new arrival/house move which lead to nearly 6 month of no exercise. No power data at that point but think I was around 275. Jan 18 I started with a TR and using power. Completed the 12 week structured mid base build. My power went from 220 to 254 which was ok, but what was interesting was the way that power was delivered.
My endurance was much better than back in August, and it was a a true FTP (i.e. could hold for 1 hour) but had nothing on the hills!
I have now started the FTP build and really struggle with the high power intervals (i.e bashful), but find the
FTP under/overs very do able…
Just shows you need to do both endurance and FTP build to really benefit for the training plans, and maybe adapt to workouts to focus on your areas of weakness to see the most benefit when you ride outside.


Depends on your goals. To be clearer, the Build and Specialty phases are fantastic, the plans are solid. However, they are broad based and target a wide array of skillsets, including maintaining threshold, and sweet spot mixed in with VO2 max efforts. This makes sense for many riders that may have very diverse goals and abilities which is what TR plans have to solve and address wonderfully.

My suggestion however, for those that have followed the plans and are facing a plateau is to do a brief 2-3 week block of almost exclusively VO2 Max efforts, if you’ve trained for years you can handle maybe a 5 week cycle max. The more an athlete progresses, the more efforts at VO2 Max are necessary to stimulate improvement. Think of it in the following manner…say you are in a mall with a series of escalators. Between the 1st and 2nd floors the escalator is aerobic base rides, zone 1-2. Between 2nd and 3rd floor the escalator might be sweet spot work. The 3rd to 4th floor is doing the hard threshold work. But no matter have much you work at these efforts, you are still under the roof. VO2 Max intervals raise the roof, allowing you to build further underneath it. This is an oversimplification, but for purposes of this discussion hopefully it provides a good visual. VO2 Max is also a very fast system as far as reacting and absorbing training. A brief overload phase of VO2 Max intervals can provide a heavy training stimulus resulting in supercompensation. In only 2-3 weeks athletes can see tremendous increases in their power at VO2 Max or roughly 5 min power. Going back and doing a build or specialty phases can help prolong those gains but also ftp can be improved under the new increased VO2 Max. Their is tremendous amounts of scientific studies that support this type of interval training. Most importantly, the type of efforts is very important as 3-5 min intervals while productive are rarely completed without failure and pose tremendous mental costs to athletes. (also supported by studies) You can spend time at VO2 Max, which means maximum oxygen uptake, without being steadily at VO2 max power levels if the intervals are structured correctly. FYI, I’ve uploaded the VO2 max intervals into the trainerroad workout database. I’d be happy to give anyone that is interested the plan (order and protocol of workouts) by private message. Hope this helps!


nerete which volume level of the plans did you go for?
im new to cycling and indoor training, wonder whether mid volume too much for a noob, though i find now i have time and energy for more sessions, also i have v disrupted schedule (long haul pilot)


Awesome story, thanks for sharing.


How long have you been stuck in this range?


I rode outdoors solo and in group rides for 12-18 months before I started structured training with TR in December 2017. For the past year my weight has been in the 73-77kg range pretty consistently and my height has remained constant at 183cm :smile:

2 * 8 min Test in Air-Conditioned Room
Dec 2017 - 250
Jan 2018 - 285 - after SSBI Low
Mar 2018 - 308 - after SSBII Mid
Apr 2018 - 316 - after General Build Mid (1)
May 2018 - 319 - after General Build Mid (2)
Ramp Test in Hot and Humid Garage
Jul 2018 - 309 - after Rolling Road Race Mid
Aug 2018 - 305 - after SSBI Mid
Oct 2019 - 314 - after SSBII Mid

I think my early gains were more about learning to test better. I was disappointed to see the dip in my FTP even though my training and nutrition was consistent. I think I’m also better at longer steady-state than the sustained VO2Max that the Ramp Test requires. It also can’t be ignored the change in environment from cool dry to hot and humid, I think that this really has affected my training and testing.


Ditto. This year I experienced the same thing. As a natural climber, I trained exclusively for A event TT — threshold & VO2 sessions — after that I found my climbing (& sprint) felt very dull, much less snappy.

You can definitely train your body to do things it wasn’t “naturally” built for, but also if you train specifically, be prepared for other traits to lessen.


Most of the plans have only one VO2 workout per week. If you want to break out of a fitness plateau you’d want to do ~3 per week for multiple weeks (I’ve read some which prescribe 8-10 weeks). Definitely not enjoyable but it works.


I’ve used TR for the past 18 months. The first ten months, I tried to get the workouts done but things would crop up and I’d substitute an indoor for an outdoor here and there and then end up missing the outdoor due to the weather or other factors. Stuck to the plan far more closely over the past eight months and results are showing. I have also introduced strength and conditioning work twice a week from April.

June 2017 : 207 (3.3 W/kg)
Skip a few …

Nov 2017 : 232 (3.8 W/kg)
Jan 2018 : 235
May 2018 : 268
August 2018 : 274 (4.6 W/kg)


The high value was set for outdoor from a prompt on my Garmin. I can’t remember what prompted the 233… I think perhaps a ramp test. Then the 211 also comes from a ramp test.

I say perpetually because even this year I consider a reset due to surgery and a house move over the previous winter losing approx 3 months of bike time. This is the first ‘summer’ I haven’t suffered a major setback (even bringing the bike for our summer holiday) and it’s certainly demotivating to be no better off despite the best feeling summer in recent years.


Hi! Mid volume all of them :wink:


Which plans were you doing between the tests?


Mostly been riding around outside all summer. The house was mid 20s so there was no good way to do turbo rides. Ild spent the summer doing the club drop ride once or twice a week, at least another mid week ride, and the club long ride on Saturday. I had also started ramping down a little near the end ahead of the birth of our first child.

Most weeks were mid 400s TSS as far as I recall.


July 3rd FTP - 238 - This was my first FTP test as part of the high vol Half distance Tri Base Build Plan.
Aug 28th FTP - 273 - Following the Base Phase I started the Build Phase with an FTP of 273, an increase of 35.
Im currently at 3.3 w/kg


Prior to 2016 no riding
March - July 2016 - FTP 147 - Mid volume [SSB - Sustained Power Build]
July - December 2016 - 6 months off groin injury
May 2017 - FTP 220 - High Volume [SSB - Sustained Power Build]
Sept 2017 - FTP 230 - Mix Mid and High Volume [SSB - Sustained Power Build]
Feb 2018 - FTP 240 - High Volume
March - New baby :slight_smile:
July 2018 - FTP 250 - Mid and High Volume

Weight 136 lbs => 4.04 W/Kg

When I started training, I decided I would stop when I reached 4 W/Kg. Now, to keep training I update my weight up in TrainerRoad so that I have to keep working out and make gain to reach 4W/Kg, just my psychological motivator :slight_smile: . I know, sounds ridiculous but it works for me.


35 watts? Not too shabby :wink:


Yea i was very happy with it. I had an ok base fitness to start with, I climb high mountains so the endurance was there. Also I think I did the second FTP much better than the first, i had nothing left and my legs just couldn’t pump out any more power.

It will be interesting to see what the FTP is at the end of the Build Phase, I’m guessing I wont see those kind of improvements again.


Not ridiculous. I am the same, no real target event apart from being faster outdoors. It’s almost numbers for the sake of numbers at the moment…