Your FTP improvements


While disappointing to not be seeing progress, it sound like you may not have been consistently doing the training that will foster the adaptations you’re looking for. Over the summer, I started doing my TR workouts in the garage (previously air-conditioned room) and the heat and humidity were definitely a factor affecting my training performance. If I do workouts early in the morning (before 9), then the temperature will be around 78-80F (26-27C) so I know what you’re talking about. Fans that move a lot of air make a huge difference. Even though I’ve been doing the mid volume plan exactly as prescribed, I’ve stayed within a 4% window of FTP for the past 6 months or so. Sometimes a little bit up, sometimes a little bit down. It’s frustrating to not be seeing the gains I’d like when I know I’m doing my best to do the right things. I guess I’m just trusting that over time doing the right things consistently will lead to the results I’m looking for.


Agreed. I’m doing my best to believe in the process!

I definitely had positive adaptions during the summer…I can see all parts of my power curve are up over previous year and some parts up very significantly.

I think I’m going to go back to the 8 minutes test. I know the ramp test is supposed to be the business but it doesn’t seem to agree with my workout and work schedule at all.


I know where you’re coming from. When the Ramp Test became the default testing protocol, I had just finished Rolling Road Race Speciality. I was really (really) upset to see my FTP decline from 319 to 309. I was supposed to be at peak fitness, on the knife edge of performance. How can my FTP have gone down! Then I started to think back on the workouts that I struggled with during my training. Through 6 months of SSB, General Build and RRR I bailed on I think 3 or 4 workouts, the pattern was clearly that VO2Max intervals were killing me, especially microburst workouts like Spanish Needle. I felt that the Ramp Test was hitting some of the same weaknesses and I wasn’t doing as well as I thought I should. So, let’s say I went back to the 2*8 and got a higher FTP. It would only make the intervals I was struggling with even harder to complete. I didn’t think overall that was very beneficial for me. So I have persisted with the Ramp Test and have seen my FTP creep back up (I’m back up to 314 right now). Sweet Spot intervals are still difficult, but the VO2Max intervals are more reachable for me. I’m enjoying my training more as a result.

The Ramp Test doesn’t require the same pacing strategies that the longer protocols do, but doing well in the Ramp Test still requires some skill. I think part of the reason that I’ve been doing better lately is that I’ve been thinking more about how I can do better in it. There is a great thread going here with some good ideas:


I thought it is not unusual that you keep steady or decline a little bit for FTP during speciality phase. Nothing to worry though as long as you are getting fitter and more adapted specifically for the race you are targeting.


I’m following IM Plan, low vol. I used to do 20min FTP but have started ramp test. 20 min FTP=280
First ramp test 227, second ramp 3 weeks later 240. I’ve been using TR from August ‘18 but only be following structured plan from early September


So I’ve been riding for about 3 years seriously, commuting for 5. Always outdoors. Only started doing structured indoor stuff a few months ago.

Back in June, FTP - 265, then did some big big weeks, although I didn’t do test, it must have been around 275.
Then I was on Holiday for about 5 weeks, no riding at all.
Came back, FTP early Sept - 246
Then signed up to TR Sweet spot base l, Mid volume. I would usually do about two of those sessions and around 2 outdoor sessions.
Just did FTP - 271

Now going to start Sweet Spot Base ll. Looking forward to the gains!


I’ve started with an FTP 250 November 2017, after that FTP test --> Training plan Specialty Phase Mid Vol. in the beginning of 2018 at the End of the plan 276, than i stopped with trainerroad for the summer session, now I’m back to do build phase but at the moment low Vol, because the weather is still great here in Germany.


I started with random TR workouts of my choosing since late July. My FTP ramp test initially was 197 then, and when I retested last Tuesday (Oct 9th) my FPT was 215. My weight usually fluctuates between 123-125 pounds. I think 215 FTP may be too high though, because I am finding the High Volume SSB to be a bit hard. I’m finishing them while meeting the target power, but I’m wiped out after each workout.


That might be more a function of total training volume than of FTP mis-match. The high volume SSB (I’m currently about to start week five of SSB HV II) really wears you down by the end. 700 TSS/week is no joke


Started TR in late November 2017. FTP was 255 at that point and peaked at 366 in late May of this year. Last test was 341 a few months ago.

I did Sweet Spot mid-volume I and II, General Build mid-volume and Climbing Road Race mid-volume. Looking back, my FTP went up 6-8% every test until the peak in May.

Great discussion! I’m learning a lot.


I’ve just completed my first TR training block - SSB mid volume II. First tested on on 10 Sep getting 345w @ 88kg 3.92w/kg. Having completed that block and just tested again at 374w @ 87.2kg 4.29w/kg so really happy with the improvement.

I think a fair amount of that is having experience of the test - I used to row so used to doing 2k tests and the more you did the better you got at it before the inevitable plateau.

But got to say I’ve really enjoyed the structure of the plan which has both improved my fitness but also just showing me what I can do and the level I need to be training at. Now just got to see if I deserve that new FTP with the upcoming workouts which all just jumped 10%


Nice gains!

I tested 251 in September (previous high 307 in June/July). My goal is 350 by next June – would love to hit it!


You will have a lot of people fighting to sit on your wheel!


I used Zwift for 2 months prior to signing-up with TR.
My initial FTP test = 205 March 2018, 59kg
after 2 months of training(SSB and a full General Build phase MV)
FTP = 247, 57kg(4.3ish w/kg)

I got bored after that and summer here in the Yukon has you feeling the need to go outside.
Well to be honest, I was working doubly hard with the workouts with very little improvement to show for it.

So this season, i’ll put a longer, bigger Base phase before doing the hard stuff.

I’m not a racer so I only do this for fitness and the fun factor of suffering early in the morning and the thought of accomplishing something. I won’t have the motivation to workout if I don’t have a plan and structure.

I’m back on the trainer and will do for this winter and spring.
Oct 2018 Ramp Test = FTP 201

I’m back to square one! I’ll be shooting for an arbitrary 4.5-4.7w/kg or whatever ftp I end up with next spring. I’ll have a longer training block this time.
My focus is in the process and just enjoying it.


bought my power meter on 4th Sept 18, did a FTP test on the day itself. Started TR on 19th Sept, following HIM MV plan, after a month starting to find those workouts are relatively easy hence decided to re-test

4th Sept 18 - 163w @ 2.67w/kg
17th Sept 18 - 176w @ 2.88w/kg

Both test are done using 20min test. However, first test was done on Tacx trainer, a free FTP test from buying the power meter, and 2nd test was done using the power meter(Assioma single side pedal based) , not sure if there were discrepancy between both.


Nice numbers man!
How long had you been riding to test at 345w?
I’ve been riding about 18 months (coming up to a year with TR now, although I didn’t use it at all over summer) and I’m 341W at 87kg.
Would be super stoked if I could get to 374W by spring next year!


Ciao, ho iniziato la mia prima esperienza con TT questa settimana.
il mio FTP è molto vicino al tuo ed anch’io ho deciso di iniziare con SS Mid 1 e poi continuerò con Mid 2.
Spero di poter avere un miglioramento come il tuo sarebbe davvero eccezionale.
Dalla prossima lezione mi devo attrezzare con musica o tv, per evitare di guardare continuamente i secondi…


It’s my first yr cycling, did about 3K miles outside before getting a Kickr Core + TR few weeks back.

My first 8 min FTP and Ramp Test put my current FTP at 274 @ 78kg, which agrees with Garmin generated FTP from outside.
I’m 2 wks into short power build low volume and just making it thought each workout.

So far am very impressed how the app is making me train much harder than I otherwise would!


I just started using TR and I tested at 247W then 251W (3.3W/kg) this Monday. I used the ramp test. The last 3 years my A races were a 24hr and 8hr solos so I am used to doing long hours in zone 2, 3 and SS. On my garmin I always based my TSS against 280W (3.83W/kg) which I think was a season high. I rarely tested my ftp but figured 280 was good as the results of my weekly races (45 min) were 330NP and 280W avg. In 2019 my goal is 300W (4.1W/kg). I shifted my focus on shorter races (3-5hr) mtb and gravel races so I will need more snap too!

So in reality my goal is to last 4 more minutes on the ramp test. So close yet so far!


I’m 5’9 age 34. Started with weight around 170 and dropped to 164. I started on Feb 1 with FTP of 182 watts. I did the ramp test today to warm my legs up bc tomorrow is my A event, a charity century ride in Austin, Texas. My FTP is now 242 watts. This was the my first year of structured cycling training and I had a few life events this year that added to my schedule. I completed mid volume plans to include sweet spot, sustained and some general build, and lastly the century plans. It has been a great year, tough though at times.

Lessons for next season? Thanks to the calendar, I’ll better plan and prepare for my A event, the Texas Road Championship CAT 4/5 race in September. I’m changing roles at work in January so I’m going to use the low volume plans instead and stick with General Build and Rolling Road Race plans after sweet spot. I’m going to stick with my nutrition and hoping to recover better. I’m also going to incorporate strength training and yoga into my training blocks.

Happy Riding folks!