Your FTP improvements

Have they gone bankrupt? I checked their website and they don’t sell anything anymore.

I had cramp on Saturday’s race that ruined my testing plans and now I’m off on holiday on next Saturday for 5 days.

But I did Lamark at 300W, I can average over 285W in an hour in crits with lots of horrid surges. I can do workouts as if my FTP is 300W. My Garmin just told me my FTP is 300W… it wasn’t a test…

Can I have my 300W… do I have to test? Do I? Can I just claim 300W? Please? (I know it’s just a number but hey, to me at least it’s rather special)

(that will mean up 25W since November doing ssb2)

I’ll just have to do Kolie Moore Test tomorrow


Age: 23 years old
Weight: 63kg (138 lbs)

I started with a dedicated Trainerroad plan in August. So now I’m 6 months in and I couldn’t be happier. I always have been training and I did already do a couple of triathlons, but never with a dedicated training plan. Yesterday for the first time in my life I went over 4w/kg and that only in base-phase.

Friday, Aug 16, 2019 - 207 - 3.28 W/KG
Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019 - 226 - 3.58 W/KG
Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019- 238 - 3.78 W/KG
Saturday, Jan 4, 2020 - 249 - 3.95 W/KG
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 - 255 - 4.05 W/KG

I couldn’t be happier and I’m ready to start build-phase. Thanks, Trainerroad!


Age: 25
Weight: 60kg (133lbs)

I started using Trainerroad back in November of 2019 starting with SSB 1 LV just to see how I liked it. I had been using Zwift for the past year but after listening to the Podcast addictively, I decided to give structured training a whirl. I did most of SSB 1 LV, however somewhat inconsistently due to travel for work and replacing a few rides with zwift races. After the holidays were over and plan builder was officially released, I started SSB1 LV over again with a much more dedicated approach which I just completed last week.

Oct 23, 2019 - (Zwift 20 min Test): 190W 3.17w/kg
Nov 2, 2019 - (TR Ramp SSB1 LV Start): 200W 3.33w/kg
Jan 4, 2020 - (TR Ramp after 75% sticking to SSB1 LV): 203w 3.38w/kg
Feb 11, 2020 - (After SSB1 LV): 211W 3.5w/kg

Stoked to see what happens as I keep progressing this spring! Trainerroad works people!


yes, set it to 300 and continue training, maybe plan a ramp test before a light workout so you can validate your number, if you complete all workouts, it might even be too low :wink:

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Started TR in August doing mostly sweet spot type workouts, then transitioned into Sustained Power Build in December. Although not specifically FTP improvements as the thread suggests, I can happily report that I hugely exceeded my target power in the 10k Wattbike nationals!

Target was 350W, did 372W for 12:53, weight about 72kg.

With 7 years of training history I really didn’t expect this kind of progression on my training volume of about 10h/week. The last few years I have been on a polarized model that really saw me plateau. In hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t have bought too much into the hype.

So hats off to @chad and the TR crew for developing such well-thought-out plans!


Started TR 10/25/2019 after a six week break from the bike to go on a long backpacking trip.

Initial test 223W
After SSB1 LV 262W
After SSB2 LV 273W
SPB LV mid point 285W
After SPB LV 297W

I did the workouts every other day without regard to day of the week (3.5 rides/week) and it has been less than 4 months total. I didn;t miss any workouts and only had to reduce intensity once (by about 2%). Very happy with results so far. I’m going back to SSB next.

I lost about 5lbs over the past 3.5 months. I’m 57 years old and currently 197lb


I tested
Some noodling around, then SSB2 with a lot of extra TSS and races thrown in

Aug 30 239W
Nov 13 275W
Feb 13 301W (3.75W/KG)

Start build next week, doing general build because I want to do road races as well as critting… although I know really I’m more built to crit


I’ve just finished my first 4 week block based on the plan builer, starting with Base - General Build LV. (First time I’ve done structured training).

Pretty much followed the plan. Moved a few workouts around within the same week to suit my work schedule better. Completed one crit and one road race (42km handicap). I threw in one extra workout (San Joaquin) in replacement of a weather cancelled crit race.

12/1/20 - 84kg - FTP285 - 3.39/kg
14/2/20 - 82.7kg - FTP 290 - 3.50/kg


First timer following a structured plan, and new to trainer road. This is 4th year cycling. Followed SSBLV with some added group rides, and a few solo mtb rides. Decided to make week 5 rest week as being new to following a plan required more than expected (rest, sleep, nutrition). Following the plan also made dry January more of a requirement as I do my rides early before my son wakes up.

1/7/20 Ramp test 216FTP 69kg 3.13 w/kg

2/15/20 Ramp test 228FTP 68kg 3.35 w/kg


Riding for 8 or 9 years but never structured. Coming back after 6 months off and first test was 225. After SSBLV1 253. Weight came down 5lbs or so as well so benefits on both ends.

While my fitness certainly increased I also think that pedaling efficiency and being able to test a little better had a lot to do with it.

Unfortunately I was back off for 2 weeks sick and now am going again in SSBLV2.


Started off with a ramp test showing 183W and now 13 months later the ramp test said 228W. I have stuck to the training plans about 2/3 of that time. First half year LV and then MV. 58 years old, 184cm, 81Kg. Some running and cycling about 1-2 times per week about five years but before that no training background at all.


2017 did SS1&2 MV, Sus Build MV went 220W to 278W
2018 mostly off due to children
2019 low volume 200-250 TSS/wk 30-45min workouts with some gym 245W - 264W
SS1 MV 3 weeks 269W
SS2 MV 4 weeks 287W - 18W or 6.6% increase in 4 weeks

Now i fear the Build phase. They will have hard anyway but jumped 18W in 4 weeks! Should be happy

My aim is 300W+ and 74kg for 4W/kg min by June. Currently 287W @ 75.5KG c 3.8W/Kg
All ive done is MV and kept the consistency. I am amazed at the progression. TR has been so good for my training.


lol why don’t we see you crushing it on television up alpe d’huez?

I started Interval training this past October before I ride a lot but not structured.
I started using TrainerRoad on 12/01/2020.

August 2019 (Road Season) : 317W@77,5kg - 4.09w/kg (FTP)
October 2019 (start Interval Training): 311W@77kg - 4,03w/kg (FTP)
January 2020 (Start TR SSB1): 325W@76,5kg - 4,25w/kg (FTP)
February 2020 (Start TR SSB2): 344@75kg - 4,59w/kg (FTP)

I’m super happy with the results so far, Let’s see if I will continue to improve… :crossed_fingers:


Shifting from SSBMV2 to plan builder so ramp tested again. Up 13 watts so pretty happy about that. Compliance wasn’t as good with this block and had some work travel that threw things off a bit. Most recent ramp test puts me at 3.4 w/kg if the virtual power is accurate. On we go…

Results to date
Nov 5th 2019 - Ramp Test entering SSBMV1 - 247w
Nov 13th 2019 - Added +3% as workouts felt light - 255w
Dec 30th 2019 - Ramp Test entering SSBMV2- 272w (+6.6%)
Feb 19th 2020- Ramp Test entering plan builder- 285w (+4.8%)


June: 307 (@ 4.87 w/kg)
August: Eating
September: 251 – joined TR (3.53 w/kg)
October: 271 – SSB LV1 (3.93 w/kg)
December: 286 – SSB LV2 (4.25 w/kg)

January: 305 – Sustained Power Build HV (4.36 w/kg)
February: 305 – SSB HV2 + Kolie Test (4.57 w/kg)
Spring: N/A – Sidelined
Summer: 270 – MAF/Z2 long rides (3.9 w/kg)
Winter: :skull_and_crossbones:

One day in February: 220 – 20min Test (3.0 w/kg)
A different day in February: 240 – Hour Record (3.3 w/kg)
To be continued…?


Age: 34

Started structured training after 2019 season on december 2019.
Started riding more-‘seriously’ since 2015 (first granfondo: 3Ballons).
I rode a lot before using TR, but without structure: Weekend Warrior, Zwift races, etc…

02/01/2015: 260 (@4.1 w/kg) - 20 min test @ 63kg

02/01/2017: 255 (@4.1 w/kg) - 2min test @62kg

01/01/2017: 286 (@4.6 w/kg) - 2min test @62kg

04/04/2019: 286 (@4.6 w/kg) - 20 min test @62kg

11/25/2017: 292 (@4.7 w/kg) - 20 min test @62kg

11/21/2019: 285 (@4.7 w/kg) - Ramp test @ 61kg

// 2/06/2020: 290 (@4.8 w/kg) - Zwift Race best 20min 306w x 0.95 @ 60kg

2/18/2020: 303 (@5.09 w/kg) - Ramp test @ 59.5kg

Preparting for Maratona dles Dolomites on 5th of July 2020.

Target: ~59kg @ 320 (@5.4w/kg) - but don’t know if my body and training load can get me there.

What I forgot to mention:
I eat 100% plant based since 11/2017, train a lot after a 16h Intermittent fasting period (mostly 1h TR workouts).

I did a test at the univ which concluded that my quads were way more powerfull than my hamstrings. Also very very short hamstrings. Been doing yoga (stretch) and gym since 10/2019. It feels like a major improvement. Also saddle soreness has been gone since a few months. I’m more flexible than ever.


Great effort, I`m actually at 70kg, FTP 299 Watt --> 4,2 W/kg


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And even with the best FTP test I’m bit disappointed that I did get a bit better score. I was doing the the rides and being consistent. At the end of the recovey week we went to the cottage for the weekend so I skipped the last recovery ride. And during the weekend I got my other leg sore from squatting while starting fire to fireplace etc. Had to postpone the ramp test from tuesday to today. So I took almost week of from riding.
Well this is just a rant that I wanted to post somewhere.
Now lets get going with the General build MW.