Your FTP improvements


Was also going to suggest the Grampian evening RR series. Scottish Vets RR champs were in Alford this year. Also the Tour Series races in Aberdeen which are brilliant! Closed road, barriered race in Aberdeen city centre😊


I looked at the Tour Series races but was working during the day unfortunately. When you mentioned crits that was what I was thinking of. I checked the British/Scottish Cycling events page at various points but couldn’t find much that suited which was perhaps just bad timing.


Sounds like we need to start up a Scottish racing discussion thread…


I just completed the Ramp Test for SSB II with a +35W for FTP, 167 -> 202, although I may have messed up my first ramp at SSB I since I didn’t understand Erg mode. Anyways, looking forward to moving ahead with SSB II


Just finished the ramp test for SSBII.
First 8 minute FTP test was 208. I messed that up though. The next day 258 on the ramp test. Today 320 on the ramp test.

9/24 208 (did wrong)
9/25 258
11/5 320

It puts my ftp/kg to 5.22 from 4.21


Just finished HVSSB1, my first proper training plan after cobbling together stuff from British Cycling and various websites over the past 18 months. I’m 6’3" for reference:

April 17: Ftp: 264w - 82kg - 3.22w/kg
June 17: Ftp: 291w - 81kg - 3.59w/kg
November 17: Ftp: 317w - 80kg - 3.96w/kg - think I did this on an easy resistance so bit suspect
July 18: Ftp: 309w - 77kg - 4.01w/kg - this was at the height of crit season
September 18: Ftp: 301w - 77kg - 3.91w/kg - post holiday
November 18: Ftp: 312w - 75.7kg - 4.12w/kg - today!!!

Super happy and motivated to start HVSSB2.


Holy cow! A 62W increase in 6 weeks. That’ll make the first sweet spot and threshold workouts interesting. I just had a 32W increase between SSB1 & 2 and the first Sat/Sun workouts on SSB2 were…intense. Good luck.


Did my second ramp test today after starting SSB1 Mid Vol six weeks ago. I am completely new to structured training and I am happy with the improvement I have made over the last six weeks. I was hoping that the weight will be under 97, but hey, I came close!

23/09/2018 - FTP 263 @ 99.5kg = 2.64 w/kg
06/11/2018 - FTP 274 @ 97.5kg = 2.81 w/kg

btw… I am 39 years old and 178cm tall…

This gives me a 4.2% increase in FTP and a 6.3% increase in w/kg, I am happy with this. But I need to work on getting my weight down!


Thanks man! I’m pretty stoked. I will admit the second thing that crossed my mind was, over-unders are going to suck now.


2kg in six weeks is good progress. Stay the course. You’re doing good work!


Yeah man, as I was suffering on the ramp test this morning I kept thinking that this next block is going to be so hard with this new FTP!! :rofl:


Zwift - FTPTests and Event sets
29th Mar FTP 239w @ 110kg = 2.17w/kg
11th April FTP 246w @ 109kg = 2.25w/kg
7th May FTP 262W @ 107kg = 2.44w/kg
16th July FTP 283W @ 100kg = 2.83w/kg
31st July FTP 307W @ 100kg = 3.07w/kg
3rd Oct FTP 310W @ 96.7kg = 3.205w/kg

Trainer road - Ramp tests
8th Oct FTP 299W @ 95.5kg = 3.13w/kg
5th Nov FTP 310W @ 95.5kg = 3.25w/kg Half way through SPB MV
3rd Dec FTP 319W @ 93.1 kg = 3.43w/kg End of SPBMV

Also not looking forward to slight increases in under overs!!


Wowzers… 15kg drop in 7 months, that is impressive! Well done!!


Thanks:) 6,000 km since buying the smart trainer, think the body had little choice! Indoor training has tripled my annual mileage.

First target is 3.6w/kg, I’ve slowed/stalled weight loss down by ‘snacking’ at office desk again! Would be nice to plateau at 90kg, I’m 6’2" so don’t want to lose too much and end up losing power/muscle mass.

I know if I do a week or two of fasted rides and no snacking I might be able to achieve that weight target over the winter months.

Dark mornings don’t inspire me to do that at the moment!




Is 95.5Kg close to your ideal weight? I am assuming Yes.

I am the same approx weight but have 20Kgs to go for my ideal weight.


August 2018 FTP - 295 - 3.73 - at start of sweet spot base mid volume
September 2018 FTP - 315 - 4.31 w/kg - at start of short power build mid volume
Novermber 2018 FTP 323 - 4.45 w/kg - halfway through short power build


Ideally I’d like to hit and stay at 90kg. For my frame, height, age, blood pressure and ambitions I’d be happy with that. Then I only have to earn another 15W :wink: for my target w/kg.

Hope you get to your ideal weight, it does take hard work but worth it, found during my loss it came off in ‘chunks’, would spend weeks with no change then suddenly a kilo or two gone, nothing linear about it!


I have gone from a power to weight ratio of 1.25 w/Kg when I first got my trainer, last time I tested I was 1.78 w/Kg. I am probably over 2.0 w/Kg now. I haven’t really used my trainer seriously to train…that is my next step.


Did you find yourself actually much faster on the road??