Your Guilty Pleasure Workout Song


Time to confess the song(s) you turn up and that get you turning the crank harder but that are … maybe not so cool if someone caught you rocking out to them.

For example my 90 minute mix right now is boasting “How can we be lovers (if we can’t be friends)?” by one Michael Bolton.


Kick Start My Heart - Motley Crue


“A State of Trance” episodes keep me going. The stupid thing is that I never listen to trance music unless I am doing a workout.



Guns N Roses…Mr Brownstone.


Michael Bolton? That’s awesome. I’d add Sade sweet taboo whilst you’re at it.

Lately, Mac Miller. French and Gambian hip hop. Lots of good beats minus the n word, b word and gratuitous use of other foul words.

One time had a neighbor and her kid come over to ask to play with my kid, whilst, training in the garage. It was a little hard to explain all the garbage coming out of the Sonos. Pretty much dropped American rap shortly after.

Bolton stuck in my head now! Thanks!


Destiny’s Child - Bootylicious :shushing_face:


90s UK pop cheese. It’s the only time I can listen to it without being mocked!


Top of the Pops! :+1:


Hall and Oates Essentials playlist on iTunes! Most of their pop hits work well with maintaining a 95 rpm cadence.


Jusdas Priest Turbo Lover! Not kidding. :grin:


Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name … my go to track for the last intervall


Loose Yourself by Eminem. Extra 90 seconds on a Ramp Test guaranteed haha :joy:


A little Tubthumping never hurt anybody.


What a Feeling from Flashdance


Disturbed - Meaning of Life


Gloria - Laura Branigan


Actually there are lots of guilty pleasures on my current 90 minute mix.


You’re wrong. This song has done an incredible amount of damage over the years.



I’ve got two that I would be embarrassed if anyone saw come up on my playlist:

  1. Timber - Pitbull, Ke$ha
  2. Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

I line up Timber to bring me home on some Vo2 intervals – it is my “closer” song when I need the extra juice.


300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero