Zwift and British Cycling


This sounds remarkably similar to roller racing which was really popular in the UK many years ago.

They would fill out town halls and watch the top riders battle it out.

I’ve taken part a couple of times in a modern version based in London. It’s really fun and if this is Zwift’s direction I would feel much happier with it as they can control the consistency between rigs.


They must not be interested in getting faster then, otherwise they would have partnered with TrainerRoad :slight_smile:


I think they will make the move to Smart-Bikes, where every bike and power-meter is the exact same thing for every rider competing on stage…

Smart bikes like the “Tacx Neo Bike Smart” is the way of the future, as soon as they become more affordable for the masses …


Zwift are already investing in smart bike manufacturers, so I’d agree this sounds very likely.


My experience with Zwift:

  • get free trial
  • start ride
  • entire Zwift world goes down for hours, ride lost

Didn’t try it again.


Not a typical experience in the least.

It is very functional now (and has been for all the 3 years I have used it). They had some server crashed back in the day for big events. But has been very stable.

Most of the issues I see are outdated hardware or setup errors on the user side.


As I mentioned, CVR WC already did this many times the last few years. You can see their replays of they big final events.