Zwift step test too high vs TR?


I canceled my Zwift after they didn’t grandfather me in to what I was already paying. I guess I’m just spoiled by TR :stuck_out_tongue:

I just used it for the occasional race anyway and to have something other than the blue blocks to look at. Now I just watch racing vids on YouTube instead.


I still have access to it and can look to see if I have time to fit in a Z Ramp and TR Ramp within a reasonable time for simple comparison (non-scientific).


Would be great to hear someone else’s feedback on this and their experience. Let us know your results if you do it!


So gave a workout a test at my new ftp… Now, maybe it was mental, and maybe I’m being a baby… But, tried Dade+1, 2:30 vo2max intervals and was probably more difficult than expected. Found myself gassed after about 2min leaving those last 15-30 seconds as a total fail. Having dropped it 5% to my old ftp made it difficult but manageable.

Long and short I think the zwift test probably overestimates, or I’ve psyched myself out.