Zwift + Trainerroad, a proper integration


I’ve read a few different posts here about Zwift + Trainer road, but I don’t think any of them address the main question; why doesn’t TR build an integration with Zwift so your training calendar can show up, and your workouts can be performed in that environment, similar (but not limited to) how Training Peaks does.

A proper integration would negate the requests and arguments for workout “exporting”, which should only help to reduce the chance of IP piracy.

Running both apps concurrently is a technology hack, not a feature, which hardly anyone is going to do properly, and it has its own duplicate data issues to boot.

I am currently a paid subscriber to both Zwift and TR. When I ride in Zwift I am 95% of the time in workout mode, because I like the focus that mode provides. I get that lots of people like to use their own entertainment in workouts, I am in the camp of not being able to watch anything on TV as I find it way too distracting. I really want to focus on the workout, but I also don’t want to just stare at a small graph and lines. Zwift offers the focus of a structured workout but the environment of riding a bike outside and the changes in scenery and visual feedback you get from riding alongside people of all skills/abilities. Also, unless you are deep in an anaerobic interval, you can choose to interact with other people if you wish, or even ride the same workout with buddies. Or just cruise the world solo.

Trying to run the 2 apps alongside each other actually diminishes the experience because it takes away the features of workout mode in Zwift. When in a workout:

  • all the KOM and leaderboard UI’s are removed because they are essentially useless when your resistance is controlled.
  • The interface changes to show all the workout steps that you will experience in that workout in a fairly concise and out of the way list.
  • the interval time remaining and power targets are big and front-and-centre to easily have your attention, not to mention the in-world arches/gates which indicate on the road the start and end of each interval (this seems trivial but when you are deep in VO2 land, seeing a finish line coming can be a real inspiration.
  • Your in-game avatar also changes so that everyone else can see that you are in a structured workout (and therefore won’t wonder why you keep surging and backing off all the time).
  • In-game drafting is also taken away from you as a rider, so you cant make your workout easier by drafting other riders, but other free-riders can come and draft behind you for the ultimate compliment.

I really really want to use TR training plans and calendar over anything offered in Zwift, but I don’t have the time to create custom workouts or wrangle a multi-app array of sensor and data madness.

Perhaps there are commercial reasons, or ecosystem or IP concerns, but I feel strongly that a proper integration would only enhance the experience of both platforms for users.


Why not ask zwift to buy trainer road workouts? TR doesn’t control or have interest in supporting someone else’s platform.


The nature of an integration is not to be one-sided, it’s about finding benefits on both sides and a joint effort to make it happen.


I’d like to see this too. I’ve done a lot of miles on the island but am on tr only now. I’d like to do both!


Using both simultaneously, wouldn’t be able to hang on the trainer using TR alone otherwise. It is a hack however, indeed.


I’d much rather TR develop what they do so well now than try and integrate into something that I’d imagine a lot of people don’t want to use hence their subscription to TR.


Integration between the two is almost certainly a 0% chance - they’re two (awesome) companies competing in the same space.

If you’re wanting to run both, run trainerroad on the iphone over bluetooth, and zwift on ant+ on the computer - this way you can keep your miles in both. Bit of a hassle, but it can be done.