FREE Month referrals


Hey does anyone know what happened to the free one month referrals? I used to have three to give away and have a couple of people I am trying to convince about the benefits of using TR and was going to send them today, but they seem to have disappeared. Was that done away with or are they just hiding from me? Thanks in advance to any replies.


Referrals are still active. I just got one to give out today in fact, and have had friends activate them this week as well.

An email to may be helpful.


Thanks. I have an email into them but I thought I may get a faster response here. Good to know it still exists. It just doesn’t appear to be showing up on my account.


It’s a little buried. Here’s the link where you’ll find them if you’re logged in to your TR account:


Awesome @stefanmoser that worked. Interesting that it doesn’t show up on that same page if I go from my menu but if I follow the link it shows up. Thanks for the help


Same here. My wife has been meaning to join TR for a while and given the coming price increase I decided to go ahead and get her registered. I knew I had seen the free month green box many times as I navigated the site but I was not able to find it this time. I gave up, assumming they had been taken away. The link from @stefanmoser works and I see I have 3 referals. Is there a way to use them retrospectively or have I missed the boat already?


@mon269 after I used the link that @stefanmoser replied with I sent out a referral and it worked so I assume it isn’t too late to use it.


Thanks for the answer, @Lawrence. In my case, I have already registered my wife and paid for a yearly subscription. If I understand the referal system, it is for new members only (i.e. not yet registered). I will try and see what happens but I don’t expect it to work.


As expected, this is what I got:

XXXXXXX has already signed up for TrainerRoad! Have someone else you’d like to invite?

Also, just checked in more details the link and I don’t think there is a way to navigate to it through the menus. Unless you have/know the direct link, you won’t be able to find that referals page.


@mon269 a bit of a “cheat” would be to use another email address if she has one or create another email addy and send the referral and cancel the other account. All before the price goes up on the 8th of course😜


:slight_smile: That does indeed sound like a “cheat”. I will send an email to the support team and see what happens.

Thanks for the advice.


How is it that some have multiple referrals to offer? I see only one in my profile.


How long have you been a TR user?

You earn them the longer you are a member. It’s something like one earned every 3 or 4 months.


I’m guessing it must be longer than that. I presently have three and have been a member for four years so not sure that is the correlation?


There is a cap if you have that many. If you share one, you will earn another almost immediately.

Effectively, they are there, but you don’t see more than the max they allow shown.


I seem to get them every time I complete a training plan, up to a maximum of 3.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to issue one to someone they know and can’t, PM me.


Thanks. I thought I had seen where individuals have four so that’s what led to that conclusion. It seems to usually take a few days before they refill. I gave away two last week and still hasn’t been refilled. Maybe I have no more left. Usually it’s a day or two and I see them refill.


Yeah, there’s usually a few days delay. Not sure on the exact timing of earning, so it’s hard to know how many a person has in “backstock” until you burn em up. :wink:


Thanks. Friend wants to try it. Will PM you his details.